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READY...SET...GO... Our Journey from Wisconsin to Hollywood


When one season comes to an end, we can find ourselves imagining and anticipating an even greater season ahead. One filled with new adventures and hope; Something fresh and exciting right? The reality is, we really have no idea what we’re in for except for the fact that no matter what, God will walk with us, hand in hand. The grace of God abounds toward His children as they obediently walk by faith. That was exactly where we found ourselves about four years ago.

Pastors Dan and Sue Sherstad, heard from the Lord that the new season was indeed upon them and that it was now time to close the doors of their Spirit-led, Holy Ghost infused church and take the biggest step of faith known to them-a move to Southern California. The task seemed daunting, and the move impossible, yet being sure that the God who said “Go” was also the God who would walk right beside them, they said YES! A yes and an Amen was all they had as they endeavored on the journey of watching God bring all the pieces together. Accompanied by their two daughters, Danielle and Sarah, the Sherstad’s began to take the necessary steps to plan for a move across the country, but would their family go alone?

The answer to that question is no. God had already begun to move on the hearts of a group

of people that Pastors Dan and Sue shepherded and regarded as dear friends, Timothy and Kelry Kirschenmann and Myesha Reynolds. For we too were being prepared for a new season. Our team’s desires, dreams and faith collided and well, the rest is history. We all embarked on this unknown journey to a new life in Southern California. Unbeknownst to the team, Tamara Sanchez, also a friend from Wisconsin was being prompted by the Holy Spirit to move to California! About a month after we all arrived, so did she!

By the end of August, 2017, our team of 8 had now begun planting roots in California but little did we know, the true test of our faith would begin.


To be perfectly honest, we believed we knew why we were in California but when what we were promised by man fell apart, our team couldn’t help but question why we were even brought to this foreign land, this seemingly dry place. Had we all made the biggest mistake of our lives or was it simply that we needed the Lord to step in and reveal HIS divine purpose for our move?

Coming together and leaning on one another, we spent many hours talking, praying, crying out to God and serving the body of Christ: we were determined to remain faithful with our gifts and abilities. Time and Time again we were able to witness God’s reckless love and faithfulness to us as he provided opportunities, finances, friendships and everything we had need of.

As we loved the Lord and served others, it became abundantly clear that the plan would unfold before our very eyes. We were indeed “sent” to California to influence Hollywood. As vessels of God’s love, we knew we were called to influence the influencers. What a humbling and enormous call, but we aligned our wills with God’s and that was indeed the true beginning of our call to Hollywood.


And just like that, it was time to go, to do what it was we had been called to California to do!

After two years of what seemed like a wilderness season, we took a step of faith and did it; We held our first event-The Shift Hollywood. For the first year of this ministry, our team held quarterly events in the Hollywood Burbank area. A year later we launched DSM Hollywood- a prophetic ministry, declaring the Kingdom of God in Hollywood.

This team of eight Wisconsinites has grown to a team of eleven, as God brought along three spirit-filled Californians who also share a passion for reaching Hollywood- Jennifer Lewis, Becca Ruiz and Alex Sanchez. Together we have been able to build up the body of Christ, particularly those who are currently working in the entertainment industry. DSM Hollywood has begun holding a virtual Bible study to teach, encourage and disciple those in the industry. We are hosting a two-day prophetic conference in November, right in the heart of Hollywood and we are planning an exquisite New’s Year’s event. God is absolutely moving!

We continue to stand in awe of God’s goodness and how He does indeed cause all things to

work for the good of those who love Him. The DSM Hollywood team is confident that God’s plans are beyond our wildest dreams and His Love for those in Hollywood supersedes our understanding. We have no other agenda than to do what Holy Spirit leads us to do. We have been sharpened, refined, empowered, and prepared to do the work of Him who sent us while it is day, and for that we are thankful.

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